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Known as a concealed fastener metal panel system, Standing Seam Metal Roofs are actually considered as one of the favorites in the Metal Roofing world. Because of their sleek and neat design, the high-quality protection and security that they give is also out of the ordinary.

It’s like they’re made especially for homes that are at the highest risk of damages from weather, elements, and other external threats that impose danger to your roofs.

Structure of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Why is it “Standing?” and how has it been dubbed as one of the most stylish types and kinds of Metal Roofing Systems? The term standing is actually a literal term that describes its seams.

The vertical legs (seams) are placed and positioned a few levels higher than the panel. It has the appearance of the legs being elevated or standing, and thus the term “Standing Seam Metal Roofs.”

If you think that you’ve never seen a Metal Roofing System that has the Standing Seam Metal Roof model before, think again! You just probably haven’t known it yet at that time. But now, you will easily be able to distinguish it when you see one – even from afar.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing-Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team

Types of Profiles of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Because of its functionality, Standing Seam Metal Roofs evolved to have different types and kinds of profiles, and these profiles are none other than:

Mechanical Seam is a type of profile that can be locked and sealed through roll-forming. It would require the edges of the panel to be aligned and once they are, a hand or a twist would be bent inside, either at a 90degree angle (single lock) or a 180-degree angle (double lock).

The Batten Panel is the profile or the system that happens when the two-panel legs are roll-formed then butted to each other. They can either be mechanically locked or snapped into place, keeping it steady and stable.

Probably the most basic type of profile; it features a roll form with the edges of the panel in a specific shape. Once the male and the female leg are in place, the locks “snaps” together and makes it stable. Thus, the snap-lock profile. All of these profiles are different and therefore, they’re effective in their own little ways. In general, however, using Standing Seam Metal Roofs for your property – whether commercial or residential – can impose a lot of great pros and benefits. Disregarding the general benefits that you get from the usual Metal Roofing, what exactly can Standing Seam Metal Roofs give you as a property owner?

One of the best things about it in comparison to the other types and kinds of Metal Roofing Systems is that it has the best warranty options and offers. This is what most manufacturers offer because they like to prove that their products would never be worn out by weather alone. Unless something extreme happens, that’s only when it’s acceptable to be broken or damaged; however, you can count on the long warranty timeframes of Standing Seam Metal Roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are actually one of the most stylish types of roofing systems. They’re perfect for properties that have uneven floors and roofing; as well as the regular type of home. The sleek design that it has contributes to its appearance of being minimalistic and neat all at the same time. The straight lines that envelop and embody the Standing Seams are perfect to look at, at any given time of day.

Most other Metal Roofing Systems and options would have the roof stick to the top of the house, restricting expansion and extension. Not only does it restrict it, but it’s also not helpful when it comes to ventilation.

And while Metal Roofing Systems are the best when it comes to ventilation, choosing Standing Seam Metal Roofs can heighten those chances, giving you more advantages and benefits. Those are only a few samples of what Standing Seam Metal Roofs can give you versus the other types of Metal Roofing Systems. So, if you’re already hooked, where should you first go to ask for help and assistance?

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