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Being a property owner, you should always consider the quality of the roofing systems you will install on your property. It is, in fact, the line of defense that’s the most important because it is the one above you; and everything that’s dangerous falls out from the sky.

Investing in your roofing systems can actually save you a lot of troubles and headaches in the future. That is why you should always look into the option of having a Metal Roofing System instead of the traditional asphalt or clay tile roofs that has already been withered by time.

Asphalt Roofs vs. Metal Roofs

Asphalt Roofs

It’s not a tough comparison; in fact, decisions and opinions would be based solely on the initial price, if you’re like most homeowners.

A lot of homeowners will immediately and urgently choose and select asphalt roofs because of the low price that it requires and demands; the ease of its installation, the availability of the products, and the overall style and design of the material.

Metal Roofs

On the other end of the rope, they would contemplate hard about choosing Metal Roofing because of the high price that it has from the initial part of the installation alone. It’s true, even proven that Metal Roofing Systems are actually the most expensive type of roofing system in the market.

But, what most people fail to think of and consider is that it actually is the most durable, the longest-lasting, and the most resistant to a lot of different menaces and threats.

Metal Roofing-Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team

Going With Metal Roofs

The one-time shell out of a high amount can actually be considered as an investment for your property. The benefits and the characteristics that Metal Roofing has been undeniably great and it can, actually, save you a lot of money in the long run.

When it comes to Metal Roofing, there is no other company trusted in the entire city of Pompano Beach, Florida than us at Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team. For years, we have cradled and brought Metal Roofing into different properties seamlessly and smoothly, enticing all property owners to get it for themselves, too.

But out of all the questions we receive about Metal Roofing, why should you choose it instead of the regular asphalt shingles and asphalt tiles?

Qualities of Asphalt Shingles

The main advantage that asphalt and clay tiles and shingles have over Metal Roofing Systems is that it’s too cheap and too affordable, while it can act as a roof the same way Metal Roofs do. But, that’s not actually what the case is.

As a matter of fact, the pervasive properties of asphalt roofs have widely been known in the industry, some of which include:

  • Resistance to Wind and Fire (But Weak)
  • Softer and Less Durable Than Metal Roofs
  • Lasts Shorter Than Metal Roofs
  • Larger and Faster Heat Absorption Rate

All these things are what you can get if you decide to go with Asphalt Tiles or Shingles. They may be cheap and inexpensive upfront, but they can actually curb up a lot of your money in the long run.

Metal Roofing Systems

Now, the main reason why Metal Roofs are expensive is due to the properties and the characteristics that they have. Unlike asphalt roofing systems, Metal Roofs are expensive, somewhat absurd in the initial price.

In fact, to be able to compute for how much you need for your Metal Roofing Systems, you need to take the value of how much budget you need with asphalt roofing and multiply it by three (3) or by four (4). That’s generally how expensive Metal Roofs are. But for what reason is Metal Roofs more expensive than other roofing systems available in the market? What makes it as it is? Here are some of the major and more reasonable causes why Metal Roofing Systems are expensive.

If one of your problems is the fast and swift changing of the weather, then there’s no doubt about Metal Roofing Systems being the one perfect roofing system for you. The high durability and strength properties that it has clearly beat all other types of roofing systems effortlessly. No matter how confusing and how inconsistent the weather is, if you are becoming more and more worried about the conditions of your asphalt or clay roofs, then you can be free from that dilemma by choosing Metal Roofing Systems. Generally, metal roofing systems are known to have these following advantages:

  • Fire Resistant and Fire Proof
  • Water Resistant and Water Proof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • And Many More

Its protection to you and to your property doesn’t just end there with weather. As a matter of fact, you can also treat it as the main defense or the shield of your property against the most notorious animals and rodents that you never want to set foot inside your home. The hard material of metal will prevent them from ever coming or penetrating through your roofs.

Aside from being the strongest and the most durable, did you know that Metal Roofs are also known to be the most energy-efficient roofing type in the industry? – Energy efficiency in the likes of you being able to save up on energy within your home. Unlike asphalt roofs which would still require you to have a layer of insulation, Metal Roofs, especially Standing Seams and Corrugated Metal Roofs can serve as the perfect insulating instrument perfect during the two points of extreme weathers – summer and winter.

During summer, excellent ventilation and energy efficiency will kick in, keeping your property cool and fresh even without the help and the assistance of air-conditioning units. During winter, on the other hand, it’s a perfect tool to help keep the shivering off of your property. Metal Roofs, contrary to popular belief, aids and assists in reflecting and disengaging heat off of its surface by bouncing the solar radiation back into the air – now compare that to asphalt and clay roofs which do not only hold heat but absorbs them as well, giving it a chance to crawl down to the ceiling and the walls of your property, which then gets distributed.

How can a piece of external material on your home help you save up on your utility bills? Since Metal Roofs are energy efficient that they deflect heat and humidity, you can expect to save up on electricity costs because you wouldn’t be needing air-conditioning units and heating applications more often. By using Metal Roofs, you can actually save up to a total of 40% in all the energy costs, helping you further by acting as a natural ventilation and insulation system for your entire house or property.

Those are only some of the most common and the most sought after properties Metal Roofs have in the industry. There are a lot more, and in fact, many more in comparison to clay and asphalt shingles. However, the best selling points are the ones that have impacts on home and property owners, right? But let’s forget about those pros – now, let’s talk about the disadvantages that Metal Roofing has for you and for your property; are there any?

Are There Downsides to Metal Roofing?

A lot of people try to find the cons and disadvantages to Metal Roofing in many other different places when in fact, it’s just right in front of them.

Price, Price, & Price

A lot of homeowners see this as a disadvantage, but it’s actually better to call it an investment rather than a full-on cost. As you may have seen, the high price that you need to settle and pay for initially would fulfill all the things that asphalt and clay roofs lack.

Paying for Metal Roofing Systems that are three (3) to four (4) times more expensive than the traditional and the conventional asphalt and clay tile roofs is something that can last for a lifetime.

It really can’t just be a “cost,” because you will get something – in fact, something big out of it. So, it’s definitely an investment that you should be considering because it will be a ton of benefits for you and for your property.

Metal Shingle Roof-Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team

Why Are We the Best in Metal Roofing?

Here in the city of Pompano Beach, Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team is the best when it comes to metal roofing. Whatever type of Metal Roofing Services clients need, we’re sure that we will be able to give it to them, regardless of the type of service, the quality they’re looking for, and the overall effectiveness and efficiency of services.

We are looked at as the most dependable Metal Roofing Contractor due to the following benefits and advantages that our clients get when they choose Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team.

When it comes to the quality of roofs, there’s no other company that can beat Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team. We’ve taken seminars, attended lessons, only for us to be able to improve the overall quality and durability of our products.

The high quality of our roofs actually reflects the excellence that we have in our services, being flexible and versatile in providing a whole wide spectrum of Metal Roofing Systems to our clients. All our roofs have a Fire Class A Rating, all pass the building code requirements, and so on. There’s no reason for you not to trust us – because thousands of people have and are still trusting us up to this day.

Other Metal Roofing Contractors only focus on how they can improve the quality and the overall strength of their roofs. Moreover, they want to perform speedily but the service quality is compromised. That’s one of the special traits we have here at Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team. No matter how fast our services are done and accomplished, its quality is never reduced! All thanks to the team and crew of Metal Roofing Specialists and Experts we have here at Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team.

As a part of our plan, we allow them to undergo regular and specific training programs and assessments to further their skill and their overall knowledge in the Metal Roofing System industry. In fact, we also took the step of learning about welding, cladding, and hard-facing, to extend the reach of our services more and better. Choosing us here at Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team is like choosing the best set of Metal Roofing Experts and Specialists you can have in the industry. Never did any of our staff members and experts fall short in providing extra high-quality Metal Roofing Services to our clients.

Wide Variety of Metal Roofing Systems

What specific Metal Roofing System are you trying to get? Have you found a company or a contractor but they’re not skilled enough to get and give you the system that you need? Good news for you!

We here at Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team offer a whole wide spectrum of Metal Roofing Services that you can fully take advantage of. Some of the most popular ones; those that are the most sought after include:

Corrugated Metal Roofs
Stone-Coated Steel Roofs
Metal Tile Roofs
Tapered Panels Metal Roofs
Metal Shingle Roofs

Those are not the only services and products that you can entrust to us here at Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team, there are a lot more! And In order for you to see it, you can visit the Main Services tab on our website to see the complete list of products we offer, as well as the short descriptions they have.

Free Roof Inspection

Another one of our best sellers is our Free Roof Inspection Tool. It’s a free tool that we give to our potential clients so that they can figure out what exact services they need from us. Unlike the regular and the usual free tools that we encounter online, Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team’s roof inspection tool is comprehensive.

In fact, it’ll even ask you for several information in order for our Roofers to have a deeper and better understanding of what it is that you need.

Work With Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team!

If you ever find yourself in need of a Metal Roofing Contractor that you can fully trust and bank on when it comes to whatever service you need, never hesitate to give us a call or to send us an email!

Wherever your location might be in the whole city of Pompano Beach, Florida, you can expect our services to cover everything that needs to be covered. Don’t waste time! Contact us now and get the best and the highest quality of Metal Roofing you can get at the lowest and the most affordable rates you can get them for!

Leave out all other companies and contractors and experience premium quality services with us at Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team

Time to Replace Your Roof? We Can Help

Considering roofing replacement? When it comes to roofing projects, many homeowners rely on professionals to get the job done. At Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team, our specialists stick to all the industry standards when installing metal roofing on both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a sturdy roof on top of your house. As a result, you can get the best services from our company in the following fields;

What Locations do we Serve?

Pompano Beach Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team is a name you can trust and rely on. Our metal roofing services were limited in Pompano Beach, FL when we started. But with time our company has expanded and is now serving over ten locations within Florida.

It shows how reliable we are. Here are some places within Florida, where you can access our world-class metal roofing services: –

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